New Book Offers Proposal Guide

A new book aims to help would-be romantics with a wide variety of suggestions to inspire wonderful, memorable marriage proposals, as well as birthday, and anniversary celebrations.

“Propose, Celebrate, Delight: Romantic & Fun Ideas for Marriage Proposals, Birthdays & Anniversaries” is a collection of recommendations – some adventurous, some modest – gathered to help and encourage individuals seeking to propose or celebrate a special occasion.

The book is published by The Little Red Guide and is available for sale from and direct from the publisher, Jeanne Johngren who was the founder of Jeanne Johngren Design, and past president of the Contemporary Jewelry Design Group.

“This book helps retailers develop a closer bond with one of their core constituencies – people who are getting ready to propose marriage, as well as customers who want to find a special way to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. Whether as a give-away to prospective engagement ring purchasers, or an impulse buy offered on the counter, the book is a unique offering that will set stores apart from their competitors.” Says Johngren.

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