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February 3: Only 11 days to go until Valentine's. It's time to turn that wish-list data into sales receipts. Send e-mails to spouses and partners. Then get on the phone to follow up. Ask everyone — repair customers, browsers, friends — what his or her plans are for the Day of Love. Maybe there's something happening you can be a part of.

February 4: On the 10th anniversary of the day Mark Zuckerberg and three friends launched The Facebook, adopt the company’s motto, “Move Fast and Break Things” and commit to giving it a measured try. For the next three months, aim to post two or three times a week to allow your customers to really know you. Maybe test some sponsored posts as well.

February 5: Announce your big spiff for the salesperson who sells the most “jewelry for friends” for Valentine’s. (Have appropriate “friend gifts” ready to show.) Maybe an extra day off after Washington’s Birthday on Feb. 17?

February 6: Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week kicks off today, and the annual event is increasingly a showcase for jewelry and accessories. Browse the list of exhibitors and preview their wares here.

February 7: National Wear Red Day is a perfect fit for a jeweler. Partner with a clothing store to stage a Red Dress fashion show, join in a community activity, such as entering a team in your local American Heart Association Heart Walk, host a Red Dress gala in conjunction with Valentine’s Day, or distribute Red Dress Pins.

February 8: The XXII Winter Olympics is up and running in Sochi. For the next two weeks, encourage your sales staff to go for the gold in four categories (or any others you can make up):

  • Highest weekly average sale
  • Highest number of weekly items sold
  • Highest weekly total sales volume
  • Largest combined sale to one customer

Post the records after the first week and then at the end of the games, hold a ceremony to award medals (and other fun prizes).

February 9: Send out two slightly different e-mail blasts, distinguished by gender. The message for men: We will solve your V-Day headache. Check out our no-brainer gift ideas. For women: Share the love with friends.

February 10: Helena Rubinstein said there were no ugly women, only lazy ones. At the start of “International Flirting Week” (yep), make that Point 1 in your list of Top 10 flirting tips Write up a press release and send it off to your local paper.

February 11: Type your store’s name into Google (omit the apostrophe if you have one, such as in Jameson’s, because that’s what your customers will do). If your store’s website appears “below the fold” (where people have to scroll down to see it), you’ve got work to do. First up, join the conversation: Reply to any positive review posts on Yelp or Yahoo. Consider a blog or Twitter account to raise activity.

February 12: Your "last-minute panic-buying" strategy should be ready to kick in. Prepare a shortlist of popular items at different price points for male customers.

February 13: Share the love. Buy chocolates for your employees. Inscribe the card, “Love your work!”

February 14: Romance it, market it, milk it. And don’t forget two growing segments: the “just friends market,” and “gifts of love” from parents to children. According to a National Retail Federation survey, more than four in 10 consumers see V-Day as a reason to give a gift to someone other than a romantic interest.

February 15: Valentine's is done and dusted, so send a thank-you e-mail to all customers who took advantage of your V-Day offer. Check the websites of online florists to see if they’ve got any cheap stock left over from V-Day. You could get a jump on spring with fresh flowers in the store. Winter drags on ... but you can get a jump on spring with fresh flowers in your store.

February 16: Create a display of jewelry options that fall into the $100 to $500 range and promote it to attract those tax rebate dollars that start pouring in from March through May. Most households are expected to spend in the range of $100 to $300, which just happens to be the “sweet spot for ‘fine’ fashion jewelry.”

February 17: Examine your in-store signage. Is it friendly? Is it memorable? If it's not both, start the process of changing it.

February 18: If your fiscal year ends in December, you should have your financial statements finalized by Feb. 28. Prepare a list of uncovered losses; these may be tax deductible.

February 19: Back up all customer and store data and other important files. Most small business networks can be backed up to a single external hard drive.

February 20: Identify your top 1,000 customers and make year-long plans targeting them. If you don't have birthday and anniversary data, start thinking of ways to get it.

February 21: This is a good time to broaden your business and gemological skills. Check out what courses GIA and JA are offering. Can you send your jeweler somewhere to sharpen his skills?

February 22: Begin preparations for Mother’s Day and graduation season. Start researching “hot sellers.” Take a good look at your bridal jewelry case. Could you modernize it, add new props? Look for a bridal fair to attend.

February 23: Go out and shop a competitor this week, or send a salesperson to do it.

February 24: The No. 1 complaint customers have about retail sales people is a lack of follow-up. Create a follow-up system and tell your customers about it. Let them know you will always be there. Promise a lot. Deliver more.

February 25: If engagement ring sales are picking up, as they typically do in February, can wedding-band sales be far behind? Unfortunately the answer too often is "no." Create an incentive to get spring-wedding couples back in the store. And don't forget those attendant gifts.

February 26: While just over 25 percent of a jeweler’s business comes from the big holidays, the rest comes from milestone events like anniversaries and birthdays. Jewelers with good customer records can call their clients to remind them that they have “just the thing” for an upcoming life-cycle event.

February 27: Call a local glass company to come to your store an get that scratched showcase glass replaced. Those scratches make it look like you don’t care about your merchandise.

February 28: Want to reach the high-end customers in your community? Golf season is coming fast. Sign up at the local country club and start hitting the links for a year that's way more than par for the course.


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