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Today, we're going to go back in time. All the way back in time to the beginning of last month, where we'll present your favorite Shine Times and Shine Blogs stories of August.

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When Paolo Salamone of Paolo: A Modern Jeweler (Cincinnati, OH) wrote his essay for INSTORE’s December 2012 lead story, he said, “Jewelry needs to become a force in fashion. We should enjoy our jewelry as much as our clothing.” This quest to make jewelry just as desirable as clothing to his customers drives Paolo every day, and one of the byproducts has been the creation of a “mood board” in the store.

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The data-sorting process continues as we prepare the results of our 2014 Big Survey for the October edition of INSTORE. And, while we've been through this many times before, the responses never cease to amaze us. Here is a good example: the pre-editor's cut of Question 18: What’s the most interesting thing you’ve taken in as barter or trade-in in lieu of a cash payment? Enjoy!

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to "Fill in the Blank," a weekly helping of nutritious thought for growing jewelry store owners.
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There was no escaping the riot of red dresses on the red carpet of this year’s Primetime Emmy Awards. But as I watched what celebrities wore to the week’s pre- and post-Emmy events as well as to the annual MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) on Sunday night and its parties, I realized there was no shortage of black diamond jewelry either.

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First things first: Let’s do the obligatory rundown of all things Emmys. Earrings—whether studs or chandeliers, in diamonds or color—seemed mandatory on the red carpet. Their popularity was nearly matched by the look of expertly stacked bracelets.

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Although you might not suspect it upon first chatting with the amiable Donna Burgess, the Tennessee native is what sales trainer Shane Decker would categorize as a missile. In other words, she's a Type A personality who gets straight to the point and the point is to sell jewelry. If you need more evidence this grandmother of 11 is a shark, she relaxes by reading murder mysteries, especially the serial-killer kind.

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The golf course has been the context of many of my business deals over the years. I've never used golf or riding in the cart to discuss business. I've let my play do the talking for me.

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If there was one "good" thing about the Great Recession, it was that just about all retailers had company in their misery. With the economy in such a bad way, it was hard for anyone to thrive no matter how strong their business model.