Lorraine DePasque

Lorraine DePasque

Lorraine DePasque is a contributing writer for INSTORE and INDESIGN. She is also a freelance journalist who has covered the fine jewelry industry for more than two decades. Having seen thousands of collections, met thousands of artisans, schlepped through hundreds of trade shows, judged hundreds of design competitions, and writtten several thousand jewelry articles, she has one simple request: “Please don’t tell me something is innovative when it isn’t.”

Write on Tuesday, 09 December 2014 Published in Designers/Jewelry

When someone lives his life out loud — passionately, fearlessly, open to its possibilities — often, the silence following his death is oddly deafening. Since last week, when I learned of Scott Kay’s heart attack and sudden passing, I’ve been thinking a lot about that. And I suspect many of Scott’s business colleagues have as well—particularly those who knew or worked with him the entire 30 years his company’s been in existence.

Write on Thursday, 04 December 2014 Published in Designers/Jewelry

Maybe the idea of Sixties Mod makes you wince and think of love beads, plastic bangles, and ball-drop earrings. But, in fashion next year, you can expect to see more of it—something I’ve realized as I’m watching the pre-fall collections. The whole Twiggy/Carnaby Street vibe, which designers are channeling, may have you wondering: how will fine jewelry make that work? But the thing is, it was also the decade when Jackie O. and Julie Christie were style icons. Hmmm . . . better already, right?

Write on Wednesday, 26 November 2014 Published in Designers/Jewelry

In between filling orders, hosting events, hopping planes, and doing everything possible to make this holiday season profitable, you may have heard that About.com has just launched an “Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands” site, on its Style channel, for the millions of monthly visitors it informs and entertains. Ordinarily, this might be something Instore online would publish in Shine News but, because yours truly is the new site’s Blogger/Expert, well, it’s a blog.

Write on Friday, 21 November 2014 Published in Designers/Jewelry

Sometimes a trend is just a trend. And, while it may be interesting, it’s one of those fashion directions that jewelers should mostly ignore. On Wednesday, that’s what immediately came to mind, as I listened to yet another fashion reporter, during a regional broadcast, drone on (almost drooling) about “the in-vogue idea” of wearing matching cuffs—identical wide bracelets on both wrists. Yes, it’s a Xena, Warrior Princess or Wonder Woman look. But, no, it’s not a trend worth keeping an eye on, even though some celebrities are, admittedly, wearing it. This fall, Kim K. was spotted at Balmain’s runway show accessorized in what I suppose she considered “same-cuff chic”—but I doubt that many other than she and Kanye thought so.

Write on Friday, 14 November 2014 Published in Designers/Jewelry

Blue. A cool blue. With less than a month until the Pantone Color Institute’s announcement of its 2015 Color of the Year, that’s my prediction. More specifically, although I want it to be Aquamarine (Pantone #14-4313), my gut tells me it’ll be Scuba Blue (Pantone #16-4725). Scuba Blue is a stronger hue than the color of March’s traditional birthstone. Nonetheless, both blues are soothing and calming and, of course, nature inspired.