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Store Closing Brings Customers to Tears

Family business shuts down after 80 years.

Jewelry store closings are a sad fact of retail life, but rarely does one affect a community like the announced closing of Bernard’s Jewelers in Salem MA. After 80 years in business, the last of the founding Tetrault family, Ray (72) and Thomas (59), will retire as soon as their current going-out-of-business sale concludes. “Business is still good,” Tom says. “It’s just time.” Not only are customers coming in crying but city leaders are concerned that the shuttering of “a city landmark” will mean the end to commercial life on Essex Street, which has been a shopping destination since the store opened. The shop’s closing should not hurt Salem’s overall economy, according to spokesman for the Salem Chamber of Commerce. But because Bernard’s has such a large clientele, neighboring businesses will “have to work a little harder” to attract additional customers.

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Friday, September 20 2013 01:06