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Friday, April 18, 2014

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30 Jan

A New York Times column this week took on the subject of etiquette for customers and salespeople.

29 Jan

Two findings that leaped out at me in an interesting study in the latest edition of Harvard Business Review:

28 Jan

I had a strange and interesting shopping experience in recent weeks that made me think a lot about missed opportunities, customers who walk, and the importance of sales training and role playing, even with seasoned sales associates.

28 Jan

Over the past year or so, it’s occurred to me that, with all these futuristic fabrics flooding the runways, jewelry accessorizing may wind up being a less-is-more matter. And that’s exactly what happened Sunday at the 56th annual Grammy Awards. On the music industry’s big night--an event that often means “a night of a thousand fashion faux pas”—those who were best-dressed were wearing heavy metal designs . . . yet, they were light on the jewelry.

28 Jan

Do you ever have the sense, as you’re living it, that an experience has the power to change your perspective completely? My first full day in Africa was like that.

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Florida Policeman Charged with Theft Following Jewelry Store Break-in February 07, 2014

The third robber wore blue. The first two burglars cut a hole in the roof at a Jared's store in P...

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Buffett Backs Billion-Dollar Basketball Bet February 07, 2014

The odds are ever in his favor. With news of jeweler Jeff Dennis’s $70,000 Super Bowl bet still...

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Jeweler Faces Two Years in Prison for Buying Stolen Goods February 07, 2014

Robbery ring believed to have netted $3 million from break-ins. A jeweler in the New York City Di...

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Nerds Offer 3-D Jewelry to Help the Dudes February 07, 2014

There’s hope at last. An on-line jewelry start-up is offering a 3-D solution to the inevitable ...

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Czech Banks Lose Big on Gemstone Gamble February 07, 2014

Pssst: Wanna buy a suitcase full of rubies? A group of Czech banks lent almost $20 million agains...

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To-Do: Lose 100 Pounds, Break Engagement, Become a Jeweler February 06, 2014

A Valentine’s tale of love, will-power and the GIA. A master’s degree candidate in social wor...

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French Jewel Thief Kisses His Way to Prison February 06, 2014

We will always have Paris. Police have nailed one of the two men who invaded the home of a Parisi...

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Could Petra’s Big Blue Be Worth $60 Million? February 06, 2014

Company CEO isn’t saying. While the jewelry world waits breathlessly for Petra Diamonds to anno...

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Gold’s Price Decline Hits Olympic Medals February 06, 2014

Value is down 20 percent from 2012. The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics gold medal’s “podium value...

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Target Will Spend $100 Million to Protect Against Cyber Crime February 06, 2014

Many other retailers remain reluctant to foot the bill. Taking its apology tour to Washington D.C...

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